Giving Back to The Community

There is nothing better than taking an active part in the community we serve.  Café 301 loves nothing more than helping others, and we have some great ideas on getting involved.  As part of our effort to stay engaged in what’s happening and to improve our local community, we are committed to taking an active role in our community and sharing our resources is our first step.  Our goal is simple. We will focus on the needs of those at opposite ends of the spectrum, often those that need the most encouragement and support.

Did you know on any given day in Lancaster County, approximately 360 people are experiencing homelessness?

According to Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness, many individuals are in emergency shelters, others are living on the streets, in places not meant for human habitation.   These individuals are facing the most difficult challenge in their life - survival.  At Café 301, we believe in the power of hope and collective change.  We understand the importance of how one act of kindness can transform a person's life.   So, we are committed to showing acts of kindness by collaborating with community-based organizations who align with the mission of Café 301 to connect people to resources and provide food for local individuals, families, or groups.  No one should suffer alone.  No one should feel helpless.  No one should experience hunger in Lancaster.  Collectively, we can alter the paths of people who have exhausted their resources, and help restore their hope in humanity.  Let's continue to spread awareness and impact our community TOGETHER!  
To learn more about partnering with Café 301, click here to submit your request for more information.

* Once a month Café 301 provides a food donation. All request must be submitted no later then 3rd Friday each month.

Café 301 - Columbia, PA


Are you looking for new ways to raise extra funds for your nonprofit organization?  Do you know of a nonprofit in need of raising funds to support the work they do in the community?  We are looking for organizations to participate in our nonprofit collaborative initiative, "Dine and Raise Funds."  Café 301 is sharing the love by offering a percentage of sales to select charitable organizations.  

Participating is simple.  First, you must submit your organization's creative fundraising idea to Café 301 for consideration.  If your organization is selected, we will notify your organization and identify a day for your fundraiser.  Once your fundraising date is secured, you can promote your fundraising event date by encouraging your target audience to dine at Café 301 on your event date, and a percentage of sales goes to your organization.  The more you share, the more money you raise.  It's just that easy.

If you are interested in being considered for our "Dine and Raise Funds" initiative, you can click here to complete our form to get started.

Café 301 - Columbia, PA
Café 301 - Columbia, PA

Are you ready to pay it forward? Did you know if we all get involved we can help our neighbors?  Café 301 is giving you a chance to buy a coffee, drink, meal or any menu item for someone that needs a hand up.  If someone is down on their luck, having a bad day, or short on cash, our "Pay It Forward" wall will help anyone in need. 


If you want in on the action, participating is easy.  You select the menu item to add to your bill.  Place your "Pay It Forward" purchase on the board.  And, guess what?  You just made someone's day.  Your "Pay It Forward" will encourage, help or lift the next person up.  

Don't forget to ask about our "Pay It Forward" when you check out.

Do you know someone in need?

Sometimes people need a little help, and asking for help is sometimes the hardest thing to do.  Often people are not aware of resources available to them, and individuals, as well as family, suffer in silence.

Together, we can help people receive the support they need, and minimize their stress.  All we have to do is spread the word.  

If you know someone in need, you can help us make the connection. Simply click here to submit a request for services.

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